Five dogs with a contagious disease, the Lotois canine shelter quarantined

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Bad surprise at the Lotois dog shelter, based in Montat near Cahors: a contagious disease called kennel cough was diagnosed in five residents of this site which also hosts the animal pound. This infection, which can also infect humans and other animals, has forced the quarantine of this space dedicated to man’s best friend. The discovery day scheduled for Sunday has been cancelled.

The situation is clear and clear on the site of the Lotois dog shelter, Combes des Faxilières in Montat. It is closed until further notice due to an illness called kennel cough, also known as contagious tracheobronchitis.

“It is indeed an infectious viral disease which does not normally lead to serious cases, but it is contagious so we must be vigilant. This pathology causes dogs suffering from inflammation to cough. They are then treated with the help of antibiotics” explains Virginia Paschall, president of the Lotois canine shelter.

Virginia Paschall, president of the shelter, is far-sighted and reassuring.
Photo DDM – Aouregan Texier

“For this reason, the entire site including the shelter and the pound has been placed in quarantine for the whole week” she continues, simply applying a municipal decision.

The town hall decided after the opinion of the veterinarian

Indeed, the city was “alert by a veterinarian who examined the dogs of the shelter on the site, Monday. This specialist tested five dogs who coughed a lot and the imagined diagnosis proved to be correct.

Consequently, the 20 dogs welcomed by the shelter are also treated for kennel disease. Antibiotics were prescribed for a week. The city decided that a quarantine was necessary after receiving the medical certificate from the veterinarian.

A new quarantine period could be decided and observed if and only if on Monday, November 21, the health situation has not changed on the impacted site.

The shelter is confident, but remains cautious

The president of the refuge is not, however, barking in the face of the health phenomenon described. “We should not be alarmed. But it was necessary to apply this precautionary principle. It is not a fatal disease, normally. It can still weaken people who are already affected by another pathology” emphasizes Virginia Paschall.

The president of the shelter, who compares this disease “to a flu that must be treated”, regrets of course that this event slows down adoptions at the shelter. Of course it is out of the question that dogs are in contact with people or animals.

The discovery day may be shifted to spring

“We do not yet know when the discovery day that we were to organize will take place. Perhaps in a few days if the quarantine period is lifted or probably in the spring, when the good weather returns. We had to set up several stands to explain how it works. shelter and educate visitors about adoptions” concludes Virginia Paschall.

Once out of the woods, dogs with kennel cough would love to be placed in an adoptive home. This is the raison d’être of the refuge, which is eager to take the step from illness to recovery to get back on its feet and its ambitions.

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