first-price products are sometimes better than brands, according to “Que Choisir”

The monthly “Que Choisir” of November features on its front page the match between first price products and brands. And says on the inside pages that this match, the cheapest products can sometimes win it.

12 products screened

The survey targeted 12 categories of food products, comparing those sold under branded packaging, and those of “low cost” distributors, Aldi, Lidl, Leader Price or others… This ranges from jam to pizza , passing by brioches, mayonnaise, chocolate cakes… The monthly scrutinized their labels, being interested in the nutritional value of the sample, as well as the presence of doubtful substances in the composition.

With sometimes surprising discoveries, as told France Inter the journalist who led the investigation, Elsa Abdoun. Lidl’s bolognese lasagna thus tops its category “with characteristics identical to those of the national brand Marie, they are also manufactured in the same factory”, explains the journalist. The difference is that at Lidl, they are half the price.

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