Firefighters come to the rescue of a dog that was cruelly thrown into a river

Nothing can justify the despicable act of which a Pitbull cross was the victim last July. The canine was thrown off a bridge over the Harlem River in New York and needed to be rescued urgently. Fortunately, he will meet people determined to do everything to help him…

Cruelty to animals remains a real scourge that gives rise to absolutely appalling scenes. A poor dog paid the price a few months ago, reported the New York Post.

A rescue in extremis

City firefighters New York were contacted to come to the aid of a doggie who was savagely thrown from the top of a bridge and who was having difficulty staying afloat. A good Samaritan will do everything possible to hold back the canine, while waiting for help to arrive.

Fortunately, the dog’s ordeal will come to an end thanks to the fire soldiers. Their efforts enabled him to return to the mainland in perfect safety. ” Without the quick response of civilian members and the FDNY, the outcome for this animal could have been very different. said one of their spokespersons on instagram.

A second chance for the doggie

This heroic gesture has, in any case, earned them hundreds of thanks on social networks. We also learn that the white and brown dog was able to be examined by trainers, then entrusted to the refuge of brooklyn before being offered for adoption.

It seems that this has quickly materialized, according to a user ofinstagram. The story of the canine had touched many people, so it was a safe bet that his adoption would not be long in coming…

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