Find out why dogs like one person (in particular) more than another

Find out if you are your dog’s favorite person: having a pet at home is synonymous with education and discipline, since we must apply these two teachings so that our faithful four-legged friend knows how to act in different places that he visits.

Thus, puppies must show good behavior and follow instructions to avoid incidents. Dogs are animals that are ready to bond with anyone who shows them good intentions, but what if our animal chooses to want (or to pay) more attention to someone who is not its owner. An article published in AnimalExpert details this type of behavior.

Do dogs have a favorite person?

We all know that dogs are social animals and they like to share space and time with other puppies or people, they are very social. This means that they are able to establish a different relationship with each individual who manages to enter their close and frequent circle.

Dogs may have one or more “favorite people” This is because they are very complex animals cognitively, socially and emotionally.

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How do you know if you are your dog’s favorite person?

  • – He shows that he has a lot of respect for you, for example when he quickly obeys your orders or your calls.
  • – Wherever you go, the animal chases you around the house to be with you.
  • – If he continually seeks your affection or physical contact with you, you are probably his favorite person.
  • – He greets you with great excitement and enthusiasm when you come home after being out all day.
  • – Likes to sleep or rest next to you

Why do dogs become more attached to a person?

The fact that our pet feels attached to our person is something positive and beautiful, but we must take into account that there are different types of attachment and that not all of them are beneficial in a relationship between a human and a pet.

According to experts, some have negative consequences for the owner:

Secure Attachment: it is when the dog establishes this link with his master and/or his masters that he is educated to learn the values ​​of respect, empathy and consistency.

Insecure attachment: this is when they live with people who ignore or misinterpret their communication signals.

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