Find out which variety of apple Chef Etchebest uses in his crumble recipe!

This comforting recipe is a must try. Chef Philippe Etchebest shares his complete recipe for apple crumble, simple and economical. It’s a friendly, gourmet and generous recipe that is ideal to end a family meal, or for a weeknight.

In his latest Mentor video, chef Etchebest reveals the recipe for a great classic of English pastry: the crumble. In addition to being economical, this dessert is super simple to make. Under a plaid in front of the TV, with the family or at snack time, you will love it!

Last week, the chef taught us how to make a crumble dough, gourmet and crispy, this week, it’s the complete recipe, with the fruits he offers us. 🍎🍁
For his crumble, Philippe Etchebest uses granny smith apples, however you can use other varieties of apples, it’s up to your taste.

Gourmet advice: To serve your crumble, you can use a large gratin dish or small individual ramekins. The XXL format is more convivial and warm and the individual more refined, it’s up to you to choose according to the occasion!

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The recipe for apple crumble by Philippe Etchebest

For 6 persons

  • 6 granny smith apples (or another variety according to your tastes)
  • 1 lime
  • 30g of butter
  • 20g caster sugar
  • of honey

For the dough

  • 100g soft butter
  • 260g flour
  • 130g caster sugar
  • 1 egg yolk


Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and cook your crumble dough: here the recipe.

Add the butter, brown sugar and honey to your sauté pan.

Cook over medium heat (be careful, we are not trying to make a caramel.)

Meanwhile, peel your apples. Cut them into quarters and remove the cores.

You can use an apple corer if you have one.

Cut your apples into large chunks.

Put the fruit in the sauté pan.

Add a squeeze of lime and stir.

Add the lime juice.

Mix so that the sugar coats the apples well.

Put a lid on so everything doesn’t evaporate too quickly. Leave on low heat for 15 minutes.

Place your compote in a gratin dish, flatten and add your already cooked curable pieces.

Bake at 300 degrees.

Once it is nicely browned, take your dish out of the oven.

Optional :

Add a few apple sticks on top to add pep and crunch to this dessert.

Add a little honey on top for shine and sweetness.

Philippe Etchebest – Cook well accompanied with my Mentor method

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