Find out what the 5 big benefits of sleeping with your cat are

Sleeping with a cat brings many benefits and you certainly feel relaxed when your lovely furry ball is snuggled up next to you in bed. Without a doubt, it’s a great company that brings a tender and emotional experience. Sleeping next to your cat is a very special moment, because cats are generally not very affectionate and this gesture is a great sign of sympathy towards you.

Cats are animals with a lot of character. So if he sleeps with you, that’s a very positive thing. Every cat is different and they tend to show their love and friendship in different ways and when they feel like it. You should therefore be very grateful that your feline has decided to spend the night with you, even if sometimes he stays awake and plays in your bed or asks you to get up at 5 am.

Cats love to snuggle up in their bed with their dreams and even more so when the nights are cold because the bed is a super warm place. That’s why they will feel super comfortable in this situation. It is important to have a bond with your cat for this to happen. If the cat does not trust you enough, it is very likely that he will not dare to sleep next to you. But give it time.

Of course, cuddling your cat will bring you many benefits, but let’s list the five most important and general ones:

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A stronger link: cats and dogs are different and so are the bonds that are created with these two pets. A cat is more solitary and independent, but they also like to receive affection when they ask for it. If your cat is jumping on the bed to sleep with you, it’s time to give each other affection. This will bring benefits to both of you, making the bond stronger.

All kinds of massages: cats are known to massage or knead with their front paws when they feel warm or secure. Indeed, when kittens are babies and their mother nurses them, they often put a paw on their mother’s belly and it stays in their emotional memory for life. Therefore, this behavior is a great way for your cat to show love and happiness.

Sleep habits: having good sleep habits brings many benefits, but a cat and a human are nothing alike. Cats change their behavior at night and have very different sleeping habits. Some people sometimes get up when their pet falls asleep and vice versa. So if you want to be successful sleeping with your cat, you should try to adapt the same sleep pattern as your cat.

Apart from the sleeping rhythm, you should pay attention to other aspects, such as how often your cat gets up during sleep, if he asks you for something, if he likes to sleep near you or lay his head on the pillow, etc. All of these behaviors will actually help you learn a little more about your feline and will make the night much more bearable.

Body Heat Sharing: cats love warm places, especially when it’s cold, and for sure if it’s winter you’d like to have an extra source of warmth from your pet; especially when it comes to a cat that has thick fur, because the warmth it gives off is truly incredible. Cuddling with him will bring you many benefits.

A quality alarm clock: a cat is like an alarm clock, you can’t set it or snooze it, it will wake you up at sunrise no matter what you do. He will probably ask you for food or to open the window door for him or to get out of the way so they can take their place. They will probably harass you with incessant meowing to do or get something. So yes, you will definitely wake up.

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