Find out in which region we waste the most in France

According to a HelloFresh study, revealed by, the inhabitants of Ile-de-France waste the equivalent of 20 euros of food every week.

Parisians would be the ones who waste their food shopping the most, but would also be the ones who most often exceed their shopping budget.

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LIle-de-France residents at the top of an inglorious ranking. According to a study released by HelloFresh and the Censuswide Institute, a meal kit company, and spotted by, the inhabitants of Ile-de-France would waste 1/4 of their food shopping, i.e. more than 20 euros in average amount of food thrown away per week. “Parisians are the ones who most often find themselves throwing away food because they have not eaten it before their expiry date, at 54% compared to 48.34% for the rest of France”, develops Thomas avoirte, culinary expert at HelloFresh.

The difference with other French regions can be up to 6.39 euros difference, underlines the study. The least wasteful inhabitants would be in the South-East and the South-West. At the same time, Ile-de-France residents are also those who are the least worried about their portfolio in the face of inflation, and those who most often exceed their shopping budget (35.27% of respondents, against 33.48% nationally).

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The French, those wasters

In another study by this same institute, still commissioned by HelloFresh, the company had already highlighted the French tendency to throw away food. Respondents said that “between 26% and 50% of the products they buy end up in the trash”. While, still according to this study, the average weekly basket of the French would be around 81 euros.

A habit that we will have to learn to limit, while prices continue to climb, despite the government’s tariff shield.

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