Find out how to lose weight effectively and sustainably

There are many reasons for wanting to know How to lose weight. Whether for aesthetic reasons, health or simply desire. However, it should be noted that this is not not the easiest task to do. Between controlling your diet, playing sports or even sleeping better. It seems there are hundreds of different ways related to weight loss. But you shouldn’t believe everything you read. Some of the methods found may do more harm than good. Thus, it is necessary to know how to manage effective weight loss and above all to succeed in maintaining progress. We explain everything here on how to lose weight.

Reasons for wanting to lose weight

It is not uncommon to want to lose weight. Whether it be for aesthetic, health or simply envy reasons. It can still be difficult to find a method to lose weight effectively and sustainably. It is then better to make some dietary adjustments and some physical activities during the day. And this, rather than tempting the devil and trying so-called “vitamins” found on the internet. Depriving yourself is the most useless way of knowing how to lose weight. You have to know all the little tricks and above all not force yourself. Weight loss is a goal shared by many people. Thus, it is necessary to find a method that suits your body and not that of others.

Some questions come up more often than others. When it comes to losing weight, many people don’t really know how to lose weight. We can then ask ourselves: what diet should we favor? What exactly should we eat? What diet to adopt? What sport to practice? What exercises to do? It should therefore be noted that there are answers to all these questions! Here are some tips that will allow you to lose weight in an effective but above all sustainable way.

How to lose weight permanently

First, the question of how to lose weight is a recurring question for many people. The first thing to consider is the diet. Next, take a look at physical activity and calories burned in a day. Finally, focus on ways to incorporate these tips into your daily life. without them ending up cluttering or irritating you.

It is then advisable to look for ways or practical tips that will help you in your quest. Whether with food or sport, it must not become a tedious task. Here are some tips that will help you in the quest to find out how to lose weight.

Practical tips for losing weight

Do not skip meals

First of all, it should be noted that the first mistake made by people who want to know how to lose weight remains skipping a meal. Indeed, we often think of removing a meal. However, that doesn’t really help. Keep in mind that breakfast should be hearty. But that you can have a lighter meal in the evening. And this, in order to facilitate weight loss and Above all, do not disturb sleep.

Wait until you are hungry before eating.

It is absolutely necessary to be hungry before eating. This may seem silly or obvious. However, it happens that we eat out of boredom or greed rather than hunger. It is then necessary to know how to lose weight. And this, by differentiating gluttony from hunger. So be careful to distinguish between the two. In addition, in case of a little peckish, favor a healthy snack such as a fruit or a handful of oilseeds.

Set a weight loss goal (BMI calculation)

The BMI (body mass index) checks whether, based on your weight and height, you are in the “underweight (thin)”, “normal”, “overweight” or “obese” weight category. Obviously, this calculation is not 100% efficient. However, it then becomes easier to determine the risks to your health and the different ways to lose weight.

Do not eat anything apart from meals

The advice not to eat outside the meal may seem simple. But it should be known that it remains in fact essential. Snacking must disappear from your habits! There is nothing worse! This bad habit is favored by the stress of daily life, boredom, frustration, or even lack of physical activity… But rarely by hunger itself! By snacking, the stomach becomes deregulated and no longer knows the “true” feeling of hunger. Thus, we tend to eat more and we enter a vicious circle. When you feel the urge to snack, start by drinking a large glass of water or unsweetened tea.

eat slowly

Chewing well is the first step in digestion. This method makes it possible to finely cut the food. Indeed, chewing facilitates the absorption of nutrients and optimizes digestion. Feeling satiety comes from chewing well. This feeling tends to point the tip of his nose after 20 minutes. Thus, the slower you chew, the less you will have thus need to eat in quantity.

Continue to eat starchy foods at every meal

Starches bring a feeling of satiety. Moreover, they provide energy for the day. Whether pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. However, with these starchy foods that may help you eat less. There are also foods that often accompany them that are to be limited. And this, such as fatty sauces, butter, cheese, fresh cream.

Eliminate sugary soft drinks

Soft drinks are high in sugar and gas. As a result, they promote weight gain and bloating in the stomach. As for the carbon dioxide contained in sparkling water, it favors an increase in appetite. So, in order to keep a nice flat stomach, it is therefore better to banish these drinks. Water will provide you with fewer calories and therefore make it easier to lose weight.

Eliminate alcohol and beer

Alcohol is a calorie bomb! These drinks are almost as rich as fats. When you drink a glass of alcohol, the metabolism tends to store the sugars present in the drink in the form of fat. In addition, alcohol consumption stimulates the appetite, which does not help with the fact of wanting to know how to lose weight. If you still want to treat yourself to a little pleasure, red wine (about 89 calories) and champagne (80 calories for a flute) are still to be preferred.

Choose lean meats

As for knowing how to lose weight, it is then necessary to give preference to poultry, without the skin, fish and shellfish. Indeed, so-called “lean” meat sees its rate of fat less than 10 %. And this, such as 5% minced steaks. These are high in protein but low in fat. Thus, lean meats are therefore part of the “slimming” foods to be preferred.

Eat vegetables at will and in all their forms

Whether your vegetables are raw, cooked, or in soup, their high water content and low calorie content make them superfoods. Indeed, they are perfect in the search for how to lose weight. Rich in fiber (soluble and insoluble), they act on blood sugar levels, flora and transit. As a result, they help promote satiety. Thereby, eat vegetables at will and in all their forms.

Eat two fruits a day, but no more

Some fruits are very high in sugar. For example, persimmon provides 14 g of sugar per 100 g of fruit. Or the banana for example, which explodes the number of calories you eat. So, it is better to consume it in moderation. Therefore, it is better avoid eating more than two fruits a day in your quest on how to lose weight.

Do not use medications or special diet foods

Above all, do not take drugs or “vitamins” that you will find on the Internet. These methods are far from being effective! There is no secret about how to lose weight. All you have to do is take care of your diet and physical activity.

Play sports

This last tip may seem obvious. However, it does not seem less effective. Exercise regularly. If you need a coach to motivate you, don’t hesitate! To lose fat globally, especially in the belly, cardio-training is the most effective exercise. Other sports can also help. Such as brisk walking, running, burpees, jumping rope, swimming or biking… This active lifestyle not only helps you lose weight, but also stay healthier.

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