Family finds missing cat six years ago

Unexpected reunions. A family from Gouvieux, in the Oise, has recovered their cat which disappeared six years ago, reports The Courrier Picard.

It is thanks to the tattoo located in the ear of Venus that a veterinarian was able to identify the animal. The latter had been given to the veterinary clinic by a woman who had noticed the presence of the cat in her garden for three days.

Six kilometers from his masters

The doctor therefore called the owners this Friday to tell them the good news. Fun fact, the animal was found just six kilometers from the home of its owners, who did not expect to see it alive again one day.

Venus is now 18 years old. In fairly good health, the cat hasn’t lost too much weight since her disappearance but still had to be rehydrated. She must now carry out a blood test and be vaccinated. Her owners keep her, for the time being, in a room so that she finds her bearings and that she does not evaporate again in nature.

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