“Faced with violence, the lawyer must keep his distance”

“The question is not whether even a woman can be a criminal, but to be aware that not all men can!”, Believes Clarisse Serre. Francois BOUCHON/Francois Bouchon / Le Figaro

BIG MAINTENANCE – By settling in Seine-Saint-Denis, the criminal lawyer has chosen to expose herself to the sometimes brutal realities of justice.

Clarisse Serre is a criminal lawyer who, nine years ago, decided to set up her practice in Bobigny, in Seine-Saint-Denis. In The lioness of the bar (Sonatine Editions, 192 pages, €20), she recounts her journey and the meaning of her commitment.

LE FIGARO. – Why did you settle in Bobigny?

Me Clarisse Serre. – Why not? This was a real challenge for me. I wanted to do my job differently. I live in Paris but I practice in the 93. My clients come more easily, the court is on a human scale.

It is also a department very marked by delinquency. Does it alienate you from a certain clientele?

It is true that Seine-Saint-Denis is a special territory. When I started out, it was one of my clients who did my advertising, in prison. With word of mouth, I got more and more work. I have no network, I come from Cantal. A lawyer only makes himself known through his results. Going back to the second part of your question, it is…

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