Faced with rising pet food prices, “we share the steak with our dog”

You may have already noticed if you have a four-legged animal to feed: kibble prices are rising! “For most of our customers it’s a little less outing but we still pay for the dog’s kibble!”, sums up Flavie Dumesnil, sales assistant at Animalis in Metz. Faced with rising prices, “Customers make us think, so we try to adapt the prices, even if it means cutting back a little on our margins. But we are limited, it is the suppliers who increase the prices.” According to the Leclerc group, animal food products increased by 13% in 2022inflation that could reach 41% in 2023.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with inflation.

For pet owners, these increases put a strain on the budget, so everyone has their tricks. Raymond, owner of Rio, a small Cavalier King-Charles, buys in bulk. “We even buy 50 kg packets of kibble, at Cora they have attractive wholesale prices, which allows you to save some money.”, explains this retiree_._ Evelyne, who lives in Metz, has another technique, she divides the food of her dog and her cat between kibble and leftovers from her meals: “We share the steak with our dog, she’s happy!” Others, like Léa, buy first-price croquettes.

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