Exasperated by the noise, he kills his neighbor’s two dogs

A double murder which led to the euthanasia of a Jack Russel, a time suspected of having bitten and killed the small dogs.

A heinous murder with revolting consequences. On the night of August 9 to 10, a man killed two dogs, in Courcelles-sur-Seine, in Eure.

While on vacation, a city resident had left two of her dogs with her mother’s Toy Chihuahuas in her home. The day after she left, the owner of the dogs received a phone call from her neighbor telling her that one of her mother’s chihuahuas had died and that the other, Noisette, had only a piece of skin left to hold the rear end. From a distance, she then asked her brother to take her to the vet, but it was too late, and the poor animal succumbed to her injuries.

When she returns from vacation, she first suspects her dog, a somewhat dominant male Jack Russell, of having attacked the small dogs. For the sake of safety for her children and her other dog, she then decided to euthanize him on August 13, says L’impartial.

A fit of rage

A few days later, she nevertheless sought to understand why the dogs had fought and decided to view the videos from the surveillance camera. She replayed the tapes from the night of August 9-10 and saw “a man in the yard coming back up. I then recognized my neighbor. We see him jumping the gate, hitting the dogs three times with an iron bar”.

The woman decided to file a complaint on August 19 and the neighbor was taken into custody and justified his action by incessant barking from the animals. Exasperated, he then had a stroke of blood and hit the poor animals. In May 2023, he will be summoned to the criminal court for an act of cruelty resulting in the death of animals and violation of home.

Traumatized, the owner of the dogs no longer feels safe: “I no longer dare leave my children outside for too long. And then how do you explain to children of 5 years such a thing? They ask where their dog is…”

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