Eure. In a stroke of blood, his neighbor kills his dogs

The neighbor of this resident of Courcelles-sur-Seine, overwhelmed by the noise, entered her garden and killed her dogs with an iron bar on the night of August 9 to 10. ©The Impartial

It was through a phone call that the “nightmare” of Camille Found, resident of Courcelles-sur-Seine (Eure), began Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

“I had left the day before on vacation with my husband and my four children. We had asked my neighbor to come by every evening to watch over and feed my dogs as well as my mother’s two toy Chihuahuas,” explains the 29-year-old woman.

The day after they leave on vacation, Camille therefore receives a call from the neighbor in tears in the evening.

“She tells me that Leo, one of the two Chihuahuas, is dead and that Noisette, my mother’s dog, has her hindquarters only held together by a piece of skin. However, everything was fine the night before. »

Camille Found

The vet couldn’t do anything

In the process, the young woman called her brother, residing in Clef Vallée d’Eure, to go and see the extent of the damage and try to save the little dog. “My brother took Noisette to the veterinary emergency room to see if he could be treated. But it’s already too late: “The vet said there was nothing to be done and that the female dog had to be euthanized,” says Camille.

At first, the mother of the family thinks of a fight between dogs that has gone wrong. “Tiyoute, my 10-year-old Jack Russel, behaved like a dominant male. We thought that Noisette’s injuries had been caused by a bite,” continues Camille.

Believing that the dog can be dangerous for the family and the neighborhood, she resolves to take a radical decision:

“I had my dog ​​euthanized as a precaution for my neighbor and Iris, my little dog who was also staying. »

The 10-year-old dog was then taken to the vet to be bitten on August 13.

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Thinking that Tiyoute, her Jack Russel, had attacked the other dogs, Camille oublie decided to euthanize her animal before seeing the images.
Thinking that Tiyoute, her Jack Russel, had attacked the other dogs, Camille oublie decided to euthanize her animal before seeing the images. ©DR

The cameras incriminate the neighbor

Back from vacation, Wednesday August 17, Camille Found continues to rehash this story. ” I had a doubt. I wanted to understand what had happened, and to know where the fight had started. »

Camille then looks at the recordings of the three surveillance cameras she has installed in her garden to find out for sure. What the images of the night of August 9 to 10 reveal is edifying: “I saw a man in the courtyard who was going up. I then recognized my neighbor. He is seen jumping the gate, hitting the dogs three times with an iron bar. »

In shock, Camille decides to file a complaint with the Andelys gendarmerie on Friday August 19. In the aftermath, the neighbor was placed in jail by the police for act of cruelty resulting in the death of animals and home invasion.

He strikes with an iron bar

In front of the authorities, he explained that he was overwhelmed by the barking of dogs left outside in the absence of their masters. He would then, on a stroke of blood, hit the animals with a blunt object which is similar to an iron bar. He will have to answer for these acts before the correctional court in May 2023.

The two chihuahuas attacked by the neighbor.
The two chihuahuas of Camille Trouvou’s mother. ©DR

A few days after filing a complaint, Camille oublie remains in complete incomprehension: “That a man can do that to an animal. I don’t understand. Especially since this neighbor, we do not know him. And no one in the neighborhood ever complained about our dogs even though they barked sometimes. »

For Camille’s family, the trauma is complete:

“I no longer dare leave my children outside for too long. And then how do you explain to children of 5 years such a thing? They ask where their dog is…”

“Today we are afraid”

The mother goes even further: “We moved here a year ago. Today, we are afraid. It is a corner of happiness that has turned into horror. If we could, we would go back…”

With a view to the trial, Camille Found also approached associations: “I contacted the Brigitte Bardot foundation, 30 million friends and the Stéphane Lamart association so that they could accompany me and join civil”.

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