Enghien: a driver hits nine sheep

For the breeder, it’s a real blow both economically and morally. “These ewes were pregnant, which represents a loss, but that will be settled by the insurance. The hardest part is seeing these animals in this state.” According to him, the problem could have been avoided if the dog owners agreed to keep them on a leash during their walks in the zoning. “There should be more awareness on the subject. It regularly happens that dogs frighten the sheep which end up escaping (without such a dramatic event occurring). The electric wires are dismantled, and it is an additional work of having to reconstitute them each time.”

Christophe Roosens has already installed signs on several occasions asking owners to bind their dogs near his meadow. Remember that for any damage caused by an animal, the responsibility lies with its owner. In addition, on public roads, dogs must be kept on a leash.


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