Elizabeth II: this dish she has eaten every day since she was 5 years old

Queen Elizabeth II, like everyone else, had her little eating habits and her favorite meals. But there is one food in particular that the monarch adored above all else, so much so that she ate it every day for 91 years.

Special K cereals, Elizabeth II’s indulgence

Darren McGradyformer chef of the Queen Elizabeth IIwho also worked for Lady Diana and his sons the princes William and Harry, confided in one of her Youtube videos the favorite foods of the sovereign. He notably shared the balanced and very precise breakfast that the queen has eaten absolutely every day of her life, since the age of 5. Every morning, Elizabeth II sipped her favorite tea, Darjeeling, tasted Jam Pennies, small British sandwiches filled with butter and strawberry jam, but above all, she delighted in a bowl of Special K cereal.

Whether she preferred them plain, with red fruits or chocolate, is a mystery. But what we do know is that the Kellogg’s brand holds the Royal Warrant, a mandate that only official suppliers to Buckingham Palace obtain.

Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dishes

In the same video, chef Darren McGrady shared the meals and menus that Queen Elizabeth II particularly loved. She liked “simple and light” recipes and used to eat healthy. A typical day for the mother of Charles III consisted of four meals, complete of course, but always greedy. If we now know the content of his breakfast, what about the other meals?

  • spinach for lunch

We can imagine that the queen did not eat the same thing every day. But more often than not, his personal chef served him at lunchtime Dover sole, lean fish, and spinach.

True tradition of the English, tea time is the snack break of our British neighbors. Elizabeth II therefore drank a cup of tea, accompanied by savory sandwiches, scones and cakes. Moreover, for the anecdote, the queen required that the corners of the sandwiches be rounded, so that they do not look like coffins and therefore do not bring her bad luck.

  • No starch at dinner

To avoid digestive problems, Queen Elizabeth II’s dinner was starch-free. To start, he was served a fish terrine, followed by game in whiskey sauce, to finish with a slice of chocolate or fruit cake.

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