Eight months after his final and poignant plea at the Lelandais trial, the children’s lawyer, Me Yves Crespin, is dead

The Parisian lawyer, historical defender of the association L’enfant bleu and La voix de l’enfant, died last week. He had pleaded for the last time, after fifty years at the bar, at the trial of Nordahl Lelandais, last February in Grenoble.

On February 16, at 11.35 a.m., after three weeks of long and trying hearings before the Isère Assize Court, a small man in a black dress, with a soft voice, stands up. Me Yves Crespin, 75, 50 of whom spent in his black lawyer’s robe, is the first civil party to plead in the trial of Nordahl Lelandais, tried for the kidnapping and murder of Maëlys, and for sexual assaults on others girls, committed in the Gard.

He is the lawyer for La Voix de l’Enfant and l’Enfant bleu, and has spent his life defending the cause of abused children, martyred children and abused children. We don’t know it yet, but this is his last plea, and it’s going to be overwhelming.

“The geographic center of pain”

“At 75, and after 50 and even though my skin is tanned, I cannot escape the emotion of an assize trial. I am thinking of the great Robert Badinter who says that the court of “Assises is the geographic center of pain. You have witnessed it,” he explained to the jurors.

“I plead for two associations that fight against child abuse and have intervened in major trials to learn from them and convey messages. They have enabled us to change the legislation. We have also obtained the creation of the file of sexual offenders, which did not exist, created by the Perben law in 2004. We obtained the modification of the limitation period. And we will continue because nothing is finished. The trial will give rise to a bill : we will ask that the camera be of right for victims of sexual assault.

“He had a wonderful opportunity to express himself. He missed it” he believes, speaking of the accused, to whom he launches: “You will have to accept to look at you as you are, to put yourself back in question and free you from the weight of your crimes.”

“We cannot understand these crimes against children. How can we prevent this? If I had the solution, I would have given it a long time ago. How can we fight? It’s very simple: get involved with associations that have been fighting for decades.”

“It’s time for me to leave the Bal des Affreux”

“For me, the loop is closing on thirty years of activism and fifty years at the bar. It’s time for me to stop and give way to young people, to leave the Bal des Affreux and go make sand pies with my grandchildren. But before leaving, I cannot forget, Madam President, the care you have taken in holding this trial. Nor will I forget the defendants in the Outreau trial, the 45 defendants of the Angers pedophile trial, the lies of Fiona’s mother, little Bastien and the washing machine held by his father, Julien, the little 8-month-old punching bag who died under the blows of his stepfather, and Gabin , 22 months, died in France in 2021, of hunger and thirst”.

“I will not forget the beautiful face of Maëlys, the dignity and courage of her family, the creepy videos of little cousins” he concluded, very moved. Eight months after this final plea, Mr. Yves Crespin was carried away, on October 9, by a dazzling illness.

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