Egg yolk is the (cholesterol) bomb

If your blood cholesterol is perfect, eating up to one egg a day does not seem unreasonable in the current state of knowledge. – Credit:Patrick Lefevre / MAXPPP / BELPRESS/MAXPPP

JI’m going to give you some specific advice on egg yolk, based on the most recent scientific data. One thing is certain, it’s a small cholesterol bomb… And cholesterol, if it is found in excess in the blood – that too, it’s established – promotes cardiovascular diseases. So you deduce that it is better to avoid eggs to protect your arteries…

But, in medicine, beware of too hasty reasoning… First of all, does the cholesterol that we ingest when we eat egg yolk increase the cholesterol in the blood? Not necessarily ! In fact, it depends on the people.

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the New England Journal of Medicine published in 1991 the example of a man who ingested 25 eggs a day and who had strictly normal blood cholesterol levels. The effect of egg yolk cholesterol depends on our genes but also on what we eat with it: for example, egg yolk raises blood cholesterol less if eaten with vegetable fats, such as rapeseed or olive oil, only with animal fats, such as butter.

The egg yolk, invited or rejected?

Apart from cholesterol, the egg yolk is rich in protein and provides many micronutrients. That’s why we would like to know once and for all whether or not it can be on our plates!

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