Economy | A subscription at 35 euros to eat every day? The daring project of the chain “Pizza Del Arte”

To make unlimited calls, to surf the internet, to be able to park your vehicle, to watch a film and a series or even to go to the gym… Everything happens today thanks to a subscription. It is from this observation that “Pizza Del Arte” had the idea to launch its own.

The French brand offers to pay 35 euros per month (a discount of 5 euros is made for the first month) to be able to eat one meal a day in one of its restaurants. As an experiment, the subscription has so far only been launched in 13 of the 200 establishments that Pizza Del Arte has in France. And for the Provençals unfortunately, no selected one appears in our region, for the moment.

The subscription has a duration of 6 months and it is therefore possible to have lunch or dinner. The formula offers a single person a single dish between five pizzas and two pasta dishes, specifies the BFMTV site. Drinks or coffee are extra.

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