Economic relations between the United States and Europe are strained amid the war in Ukraine

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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she was “disappointed” on Friday to her European counterparts that the Commission had not joined the group of creditors who agreed to suspend Ukrainian debt repayments for two years. “Ukraine, as you know, is facing a huge financing gap and needs our full support,” she told EU finance ministers and EU commissioners.

The economic crisis against a backdrop of war in Ukraine is beginning to bring to light disputes between American and European allies. The latest hitch was at the end of last week, at the autumn meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), following the EU’s refusal to commit to suspending payment of Ukraine’s debt, on the pretext that this decision required the consensus of the 27 member countries. “Honestly, I am very disappointed that the European Commission has not joined the group of creditors who have offered Ukraine a delay while the latter is facing a huge funding problem,” said Janet Yellen on Friday.

A few days earlier, the same American Secretary of the Treasury had called the Europeans to order to keep their commitments and to do even more. “I will be clear: international support for Ukraine is a collective effort,” she said. kyiv estimates that it needs $5 billion…

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