Eat Salad, the “healthy” food chain is setting up in Albi

Lovers of salads and healthy food can meet up on route de la Drêche to concoct their best compositions. Today is the opening of the 59th brand in France and the very first in the Tarn of Eat Salad. It was Mathias Groc, a 29-year-old Albigensian, who had the idea of ​​setting up this brand new brand in Albi. “I have several years of experience in fast food and opening this restaurant here, as an Albigensian, has a special meaning for me”. Eat Salad is a French restaurant chain created in 2013 by two Bordeaux brothers. It offers customers the possibility of composing the salads of their choice, cold or hot, with a multitude of ingredients. “It’s the principle of a salad bar, there is a range of 38 ingredients and 10 homemade sauces. The idea is to combine the ingredients to make the salad of your choice” adds Mathias. The concept is to offer “healthy food” while taking up the codes of American fast foods. “We are a premium fast food restaurant, with organic and fresh food, it is a fast food chain with the take-out and ordering system, but we offer a superior service at the customer reception level. and service for those who wish to eat on site”. Eat Salad also highlights its ecological values, a cause close to Mathias’ heart. “I’m committed to ecology so it’s a brand that totally suits me, all packaging is recycled, we limit waste and we use porcelain plates to reuse them”.

For the first days of opening, a giant carrot, emblem of the sign, will circulate in the commercial area and in the Albigensian streets.

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