E.Leclerc, Intermarché or Lidl? Here is the favorite supermarket of the French and it is also the cheapest of all

Inflation continues its mad dash. After +7.9% in August, food prices jumped by +9.9% in September, according to INSEE data. In this period of rising prices, how do the French do their shopping? And which supermarkets do they prefer? To determine this, the Kantar Institute studied, as it does every month, household spending in large retail chains. And it has just published its barometer for the month of September, a good way to take the pulse of French consumer trends.

E.Leclerc is the favorite brand of the French and it is also the cheapest

First lesson of this study? French households increased their spending by +6.8% in September 2022 compared to the same period last year. An increase due to inflation and more frequent shopping. On the side of the winners, E.Leclerc, which was recently named the cheapest supermarket in France by the magazine What to choose, retains its number one position, with 22.8% market share. Better still: the brand is the one that has made the most progress with a +0.4 point increase in market share. Good results which can be explained by more and more numerous and regular customers in its stores. Intermarché (14.1% market share) and U (11.6%) come respectively on the second and third step of the podium.

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Lidl, Aldi, Netto… discount is on the rise

In addition to E.Leclerc, three other brands are doing well. Fifth in the ranking, Lidl gains +0.1 point (7.4% market share). This is +0.2 points for Aldi (2.7% market share), ninth in the top, which has managed the feat of recruiting 386,000 new customers. Netto, penultimate on the list, is also up with +0.1 points. ” Without any surprise, [cette étude] devotes the discount. Only four brands are “positive”details the journalist specializing in mass distribution Olivier Dauvers on his website. The three discounters Lidl, Aldi and Netto, to which is added the most discounted of the others, Leclerc. Rarely has the picture been so clear. Faced with inflation, the French therefore want price “.

Here is the Kantar barometer of the 10 favorite food brands, in September, according to their market share, relayed by journalist Olivier Dauvers:

1. E.Leclerc: 22.8% market share
2. Intermarket: 14.1%
3. U: 11.6%
4. Crossroads: 10%
5. Lidl: 7.4%
6. Carrefour market: 7.2%
7.Auchan: 6.2%
8. Carrefour Proximity: 2.8%
9.Aldi: 2.7%
10. Auchan supermarket: 2%

Kantar Worldpanel 2022 panel study

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