Drunk, he walks his dog on a motorbike in Vieil-Angoulême

On the spot, the police have no trouble finding the individual. Who, small peculiarity, holds his handlebars with one hand, and his little puppy in the other.

After checking, the police realize that the biker is driving despite having had his license cancelled. Tests also reveal that he was positive for alcohol and narcotics. Brought back to the police station, he admitted the facts. And explained to the officials that he had just had his puppy, that he had celebrated it and that he had wanted to take him for a ride on his motorcycle.

The day before, he had also been checked drunk on his two-wheeler, place Bouillaud, near the town hall of Angoulême. At the end of his police custody, he was released, awaiting the results concerning his consumption of narcotics.

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