Drugs, rap and “radio zonzon”: how lawyers defend drug dealers

Their numbers are exchanged in prison, on Snapchat or even on the verge of a deal. Lawyers specialize in defending drug traffickers and their successes in the courts are praised by rappers.

This young criminal lawyer, who had barely six months at the bar, was then experiencing dazzling popularity. His number will circulate among dealers, to the point of forcing him to hire collaborators.

A sign of his success, “Maître Zadourian” is one of the titles of DA Uzi’s latest album. The path of the bravereleased in 2022.

In court, I have nothing to fear, I have master Le Bras “, raps Booba who frequently praises his lawyer in his songs. So much so that his name circulates on radio zonzon “(prison), recognizes Yann Le Bras, who defends notorious traffickers as well as the actress Adèle Haenel.

A “badly screwed up” penal code

In drug cases, lawyers divide cases according to ” their competence in proceedings, in hearings or to raise nullities “explains the criminal.

If you miss a procedural defect, it’s a capital mistake. When you are caught with half a ton of cocaine in a truck as was the case for two of my clients, it is very difficult to defend yourself otherwise “, confides Me Tarek Koraitem, who made himself known by defending a cocaine dealer who supplied TV stars.

For Me Léa Canches, “ the first reflex is to force a weighing and testing of the searched product “. Finding CBD can cancel a procedure.

In terms of narcotics, the penal code is screwed up “, believes Mr. Zadourian. ” The same article condemns for the acquisition, transport, transfer, offer and regardless of the quantity “.

I had a kid who goes to court with 30 grams and comes back again three months later for 30 grams “, adds the lawyer, ” but this time it is no longer ten years that he risks but twenty because it is recidivism “.

There is a colossal expectation from the police, the investigating judge, the prosecutor, from public opinion, especially in Seine-Saint-Denis, so heads must roll “, abounds Me Koraitem.

The criminal lawyer defended the owner of a lucrative deal in this department. After a month’s trial in Bobigny in May, Moussa Sarambounou was sentenced to twelve years in prison and a fine of one million euros.

“A manual” to avoid prison

In addition to ensuring their defence, the lawyers of drug dealers lavish “a manual” to avoid the prison box.

Thereby, ” one avoids giving one’s telephone code in police custody even if it constitutes an offence. It is better to be condemned for this crime than on what we will find on the phone “Said a lawyer on condition of anonymity.

With regard to fees, the pricing is variable ” if you are the small trafficker who cannot even afford a kebab or the organizer who lives in Rotterdam, Dubai or Colombia says another lawyer, but the cases are profitable “.

We are rarely made checks or transfers “, breathes the criminal, who must soon defend a tycoon extradited from Iran for having exported heroin.

For Me Mbeko Tabula, whose practice is in Bobigny, “ it’s time to legalize cannabis in France, which is fifteen years behind the United States “. ” Prevention has no effect “Judges this native of Seine-Saint-Denis bluntly.

According to Me Zadourian, “ in the countries where it is decriminalized, there is no longer any field war and when the coffee-shops get confused, we do not settle it with weapons but in the commercial court “.

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