Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO starts very strong in the United States – Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO starts very strong in the United States

Since August 19, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is being screened in theaters in the United States. And after three days of broadcast, we can already say that the film is a great success. As the Box Office Mojo site reports, Superhero has already garnered between $21 and $23 million. Friday for its first day, the film recorded $10.74 millionwhose $4.3 million thanks to Thursday previews. Over the weekend, the film is number 1 ahead of Beast which was released the same day. Superhero was screened in 3,940 theaters. In comparison, its predecessor dragon ball super broly had a smaller rollout with just 1,250 theaters, but still managed a $9.8 million first day, for a total of $30.7 million.

Superhero could therefore break all records for a Dragon Ball movie in the United States, although the film was not at the level of DBS Broly in Japan, racking up $18.1 million since its June release, compared to $34.6 million for Broly. The global cumulation for Broly was $115.7 million, we’ll see in the next few weeks if Superhero manages to surpass it. The other big anime release of the year at Crunchyroll was the movie Jujutsu Kaizen 0: The Movie, which grossed $17.6 million in three days, for a total of $29.6 million. As for spectator feedback, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero seems to have convinced the American public. Indeed, on more than 1000 reviews, the film currently has a rating of 94% on the site Rotten Tomatoes.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is the latest Dragon Ball movie produced by TOEI Animation. The film is directed by Tetsuro Kodama. Akira Toriyama is once again back to the script, as well as to the design of certain characters. The story of dragonball Super Super Hero takes place between the end of the film dragon ball super broly and the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai which closed the original story. The Red Ribbon army once destroyed by Son Goku will make a comeback. The new Gamma 1 and 2 cyborgs, self-proclaimed ” Super hero ยป, will attack Gohan and Piccolo.

For the first time, the film is almost entirely in CGI. A first trailer was shown at New York Comic Con 2021, a second at Jump Festa 2022, a third last March and a fourth at the end of May. The film’s official website has opened, bringing together the latest news, the latest videos, as well as comments from Akira Toriyama. The film was released on June 11, 2022 in Japan, and will arrive on October 5 in France.

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