Dogs Trained to Attack: Horrifying Video Sparks Police Investigation

A video posted on social networks showing dogs attacking wild boars in an enclosure caused a huge reaction.

What was filmed is so worrying that the SQ and the Montreal SPCA have opened an investigation, TVA Nouvelles has learned.

On the images which would have been recorded in Saint-Anicet at the beginning of the week, it is possible to see a man inciting dogs to attack wild boars, rewarding them when they obey.

For Sabrina Gilbert, General Manager of Animal Services of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, the man who trains the animals knows exactly what he is doing.

“Man, he trains his dogs to attack, then he pulls them back, he backs them off. There is an attack signal that is clear. He then gives rewards to show the animal that this was indeed the gesture that was desired. the animal [le sanglier] is clearly bloody. [Le propriétaire] forces the dog to smell the blood and then reattack repeatedly,” explains Sabrina Gilbert.

For her, this case of animal abuse is one of the worst she has seen.

“I would rate that one as 20/10. It’s really serious, and we see that it’s a training that has been practiced often. The person is used to this process,” she observes.

The Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Animal Protection Society has offered its help to the Montreal SPCA to recover the animals that are still on the premises.

“The Montreal SPCA Investigations Office has received a formal complaint regarding filmed footage of a wild boar being attacked by hunting dogs and stabbed. We have opened a criminal investigation file and are taking the situation very seriously,” the organization said by email.

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