Dog’s Adorable Reaction to Meeting His New Puppy Brothers (Video)

Finn, a Golden Retriever under 2 years old, surely had the best December of his life. As the holiday season dawns, his family is growing and the dog can’t contain his excitement. His reaction is filmed in a video and shared massively on social networks.

At the beginning of December 2021, a family is preparing to welcome two new members, Gus and Sully. These are two young puppies Golden retrieveras finn the current resident, reports Daily Paws.

Cheerful presentations

On the account TikTok TheGoldenBros3a first video of the presentations between finn and his new baby brother Gus is posted. It will go viral, counting 3 million views and thousands of comments. We see the small Gus in the arms of its new owner behind a glass door. On the other side, finn observes them and cannot hide his impatience! And it’s a real party he gives them when the door opens. The dog keeps circling around his master and little brother, frantically wagging his tail.

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When Gus is placed at the height of finn, the latter hastens to get a toy for his new friend. A scene that moves many internet users

The next day, a new video is posted. This time, it’s about the presentations between finn and Sully. the Golden adult can’t even wait for the young woman holding Sully enters the house, he rushes behind the door as soon as it opens!

@thegoldenbros3 If you couldn’t handle the cuteness the first time, SURPRISE! Sully meets Finn and back with his brother Gus!! #goldenretrievers #dogsofttiktok ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

The three brothers now live many adventures together. The account TikTok is still active and many videos are posted there regularly. The Golden also have a page instagramwith many pictures.

They are inseparable and are always delighted when they find themselves behind the famous glass door.

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