Dog rescued from basement sees sunlight for first time in her life

An illegal kennel was using lots of female dogs to give birth over and over again in a basement where they couldn’t see never sunlight. The poor female dogs are forced to stay like this in large cages where they are kept in a very bad state and without any care. The only thing that this kennel worries about is that they constantly give birth without any rest, so they can sell the puppies. It is a social and illegal network that has no mercy for animals.

The worst part is that after the female dogs can no longer give birth or are too tired or old, they are abandoned, euthanized and worse, which is not worth mentioning. The good news is that many individuals and large organizations are trying to put an end to these illegal breeders who subject animals to so many suffering for profit.


It’s the terrible experience of a female dog and 130 other animals who were pulled from an illegal kennel into a filthy basement full of cages, where all those animals were kept in appalling condition in North Carolina, United States of America. All of these animals had never seen the light of day, as many were born in the kennel and later served as breeding tools.

A dog sees the light of the sun for the first time when she is rescued from an illegal kennel

The Humane Society of the United States heard about this horrible situation and therefore decided to come to the aid of these poor animals. For this, they organized the way they were going to act and carried out their mission. When they entered the place, they couldn’t believe what they saw, it was a very sad scene. None of the members could understand how it was possible that there were people capable of causing so much suffering.

female dog

One of the female dogs that appeared in the video is a clear example of the suffering caused by confinement in a cellar. You can see how the animal had to close its eyes to be able to see the sunlight, it’s quite shocking. But the silver lining is that this day would change forever. All the animals were placed in different vehicles, in which they rested for five days. Many dogs practically slept for the first 10 days after being rescued.

Fatigue was not not the only thing that felt in these animals they were all very thin and had very little strength to carry on. The dog you see in the video was brought to Brenda Tortoreo who took care of bringing her back to her joy, gaining weight, giving her all the affection and cuddles she never had received. Little by little, the dog began to recover and now she is happy in her new home.

Fortunately, there are dedicated people in the world who are ready to do all they can for animals. Indeed, not only do they save them, but they also give them a welcoming home to recover, then a permanent home where they can be happy and receive all the love they deserve. Sadly, it seems there are more bad people than good ones, but it’s a struggle which is not yet finished.

All the animals rescued from this horrible place finally see the light of the sun. They can finally rest and recuperate. Each of them was examined by a veterinarian to determine their state of health, then received a temporary foster home. When all the animals are fully recovered, they will be offered for adoption in order to find them a permanent home where they will finally be loved.

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