Dog left for dead in landfill finally tastes happiness thanks to rescue group

Dawn, a Labrador Retriever mix, showed unparalleled resilience. The unfortunate had suffered serious abuse and then had been cowardly abandoned in a garbage dump. Fortunately, a woman discovered her before she succumbed to her injuries.

The events took place at Mexico in January 2021. A pensioner came across a 3-month-old female puppy in a very bad shape in a dumpster at the sorting center CDMX.

“She was almost dead”said the woman who immediately contacted the local shelter Mascotas Coyoacan.

The poor little one, named dawnhad numerous apparent injuries and was very lethargic.

The rescue group rushed her to the veterinary emergency department. dawn was emaciated, her rib cage was visible through her thin skin dotted with deep wounds. His muzzle had miserably been tied up with a rope for several days, so much so that it had caused the necrosis of part of the lip.

Veterinary care and love to regain confidence

The animal doctor therefore operated dawn. His gaping wounds were disinfected and then sutured. A host volunteer, Marcelathen took her under her wing and took her to her home to make her forget her heavy past despite her young age.

“At first she was very scared, but within a few days she became happy and was playing at all hours, especially when she came out of the hospital”has explained Marcela to Daily Star.

The benefactress dedicated her time to socializing her and nurturing her so that she gained the weight she needed.

In 2 months, dawn was a whole other little female dog.

Some time later, a family fell in love with the young lady and adopted her. “She is almost a year old now. There are scars on his skin that will never go away, but his loving masters don’t care. They see them as a symbol of his resilience”clarified Marcela.

dawn enjoy today a good life as a family dog. She makes the happiness of the 2 children of the home who treat her like their best friend.

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