Do you know the borzoi, the long-haired Russian greyhound?

This large dog that has been found in Russia for over 900 years is thought to be descended from wildlife. Much appreciated by the aristocracy and the Russian elite, it disappeared from its country of origin with the revolution of 1917. Fortunately, the breed had already spread to Western Europe and the United States where it continued to be high. This very large dog is particularly calm, observant and serious. He is not really interested in anyone except his master, towards whom he is very affectionate. He has no interest in children. As soon as he starts hunting, the borzoi reveals a completely different temperament full of ardor: he is suddenly untenable and can run up to 55 km/h! Quite stubborn, he needs a firm and gentle education and good socialization to familiarize him with the presence of strangers. He needs large open spaces and therefore does not like an apartment; it must also be taken out regularly for sports activities.

Greyhounds, dogs apart

Greyhounds form a separate group among dogs, and this is not surprising: they have very homogeneous characteristics which radically differentiate them from other dogs. While there are – and have been – many greyhound breeds in the world, only 13 are recognized to date by the International Cynological Federation and the Central Canine Society. They have varied origins centered in Eurasia and extending to Africa.

Most of these breeds are extremely ancient, with some dating back millennia. Greyhounds are prized for their lean, elegant, and muscular appearance, which has often led to them being reserved for political and social elites throughout history. All breeds have retained over time an excellent hunting instinct and use their sight more than their sense of smell for predation, unlike other dogs. The various greyhounds have therefore always been used to hunt, giving men an advantage against creatures known for their speed, such as gazelles, antelopes or wolves.

Greyhounds are indeed built for speed. This can be seen immediately in their very particular morphology, which is reminiscent of that of the fastest land animals in the world: cheetahs. The fastest race, the greyhound, is capable of reaching the impressive speed of 70 km/h.

The greyhound is the fastest canine. – tsik / Shutterstock
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