Disfigured for a simple reflection in the line of a fast food restaurant in Alès

Exactly 11 days ago, Medhi, an 18-year-old high school student, was attacked at the end of class in Alès, in the Gard. A fight with other young people for a simple reflection in the queue of a fast food restaurant. The remark, futile, sparked an outburst of violence in return. Medhi received a 45-day ITT (Temporary Total Incapacity) and his serious facial injuries led him this Monday morning to the surgical placement of a plate to repair his orbital fracture. “I’m shocked, I don’t recognize my child, confides his mother on FB Gard Lozère_, he is disfigured_.”

“There was a group behind, I hadn’t noticed them at all. They jumped on me, put a brush, kicked, punched” Mehdi.


45 days of ITT

The altercation started from a remark to a young man who was passing everyone in line. The fight finally took place in the garden of the grove, at the end of the course, about fifteen minutes from the fast food restaurant.

Leila, Mehdi’s mother – who thought she would lose her son there – agreed to confide in France Bleu Gard Lozère. “We are devastated, we are angry (…) I hope justice will be done.


“The first time I saw him in the emergency room, I didn’t recognize him. His head… it wasn’t my kid. He had morphine (…) We saw him leave (…) All that for a place at McDonald’s, I don’t understand,” Mehdi’s mother, on France Bleu Gard Lozère.

Difficult to evoke this fight which pitted the young Medhi against more than a dozen others. Of the young people who have all fled and are actively sought by the police. Hicham, his father and all of Medhi’s family are still very shocked. “I want these young people to pay for the evil they have done. Mehdi, my son, what did he do to deserve so much violence? It’s gratuitous violence.”

“I had echoes, there were fifteen boys. Among them, none had reason, there weren’t any a little intelligent? None had a working brain? I won’t let go of the matter . I am waiting for justice to be done. I am the first to know how to forgive. But here, I cannot forgive the unforgivable, it is not possible”, Hicham, the dad.


Mehdi and his parents
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Ludovic Labastrou

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