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It’s one of the most popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles… On an ultra-peaceful hill, but a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and its Walk of Fame, Los Feliz loves celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Ashley Benson, James Cameron, Katy Perry… all have succumbed to the charm of the place in recent years.

A shack at 5.5 million euros

And if Leonardo DiCaprio has recently sold his property there, he can always iron a head there for the rack of his friend from Inception, Marion Cotillard. Because the 47-year-old Parisian would have offered herself a pied-à-terre there last year, for the modest sum of 5.5 million euros (i.e. 1.5 million less than the price initially displayed)! What earned him a sublime 1930s villa, 394 square meters, with five bedrooms, sauna and gym in particular… But also a garden including a large swimming pool, a summer kitchen, a terrace with panoramic views, a vegetable garden and a guest house (notice to those interested!). In short, the perfect nugget for the one that the United States is snapping up.

Fourteen years after her Oscar, the most Yankee of the Frenchies is in high demand in LA, with projects coming one after the other these days. Extrapolations, a series for Apple TV with Meryl Streep and Kit Harington, The Brutalist with Sebastian Stan or even Lee, alongside Kate Winslet and Jude Law… Gone are the days when Hollywood saw her as “exotic, fresh flesh ”, in his own words in the columns of Le Monde. In the States, La Môme has everything of a great, she that prestigious directors covet!

Five bedrooms, a giant swimming pool and a guest house: who wants to spend the fall at Marion’s in LA?

Marion, for her part, is stimulated by this international career, which she had put on hold for Marcel and Louise, her children with Guillaume Canet. However, according to our information, she does not intend to settle in California full time. Despite the recent torments of her private life, she keeps strong ties in France, between Paris and Cap-Ferret. Still, she feels good in this new American haven. And here, after buying her house, she intends to break it!

Nina Perrault

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