disappeared for more than three years, the cat Faoet e

Deux-Svres: missing for more than three years, the cat Faoet has returned home!

It is a story as tender as it is unusual that has just been written in Bouill-Saint-Varent, near Thouars. Faoet, one of Maryannick Pedrono’s cats, had been missing since the summer of 2019. More than three years later, he has just reappeared!

You never know what the future may hold. Faoet’s story is a good example. This placid and affectionate cat, born in 2010, flowed happy days from an early age with Maryannick Pedrono, in the heart of the village of Bouill-Saint-Varent, near Thouars. Until this sad summer of 2019.

Between the end of July and mid-August 2019, my three cats disappeared. Yet they had no reason to run away, they led their life as cats peacefully and came home every evening. Besides, Faoet used to sleep with me. We were very close. When he was a little kitten, I had finished weaning him from the bottle”, says the septuagnar.

“I made up my mind, I thought he was dead”

For her, it is not a coincidence. His cats were captured and kidnapped. As time passes, the hope of seeing them again dwindles despite Maryannick’s intense research: “I had to walk at least 100 km in the areaI inspected every path, every path, I questioned all the neighbors, but I couldn’t find him.”

Until the day when a neighbor comes to see her: “She told me that she had seen a dead cat in an alley in the village. I went to see but I found nothing. The body had probably been removed I made up my mind, I thought he was dead… I was so unhappy not to have any more cats that my children offered me two at the beginning of the year 2020including Shantee, who was a carbon copy of Faoet.”

Identified by his… electronic chip!

The story could have stopped there. But that is to misunderstand fate. And the fact that cats have, according to various beliefs, between seven and nine lives… “On October 25, 2022, more than three years after his disappearance, he came home through the cattery as if nothing had happened and he went to see my son in the living room. Except that we didn’t recognize him, we thought it was Shantee, his double!

Faoet, seriously injured in the head and ear, was the victim of a bad encounter with a hound just before returning to his home. “If he was kidnapped, it was not far from here because when he came back, the pads of his paws were in good condition, so he didn’t have to walk a lot,” notes Maryannick Pedrono.

┬ęPhoto NR, Frdric Michel

The animal is badly injured in the head and ear, probably because of a bad encounter with a dog. Maryannick Pedrono then takes him to the vet. While the cat is being treated, she talks to a neighbor who tells her that he has just seen Shantee… “I had a funny feeling so called the office to ask them to check the microchip, because my cats have all been chipped and sterilized. Fifteen minutes later, I was called back to ask if I had a cat named Faoet!”

Getting accepted by the new cats in the house

Maryannick then rushes to the vet. “I cried a lot of joy when I found him. Since then, he has always stuck with us!“Faoet is now trying to recover, while being accepted by the other cats in the house. The two dogs have already adopted him and are not stingy with winks.

I’ve always loved animals, I’ve had cats since I was born., says Maryannick, who undertook to list them all in a notebook. I was born in Africa and I was a kid when my family returned to live in France. My dad wouldn’t take our cat. We drove 400 km through the bush to leave him with a brother-in-law. Three days later, the cat came home alone! So finally, my father decided to bring him back to France…” Clearly, Maryannick and the cats are for each other!

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