DIRECT. War in Ukraine: kyiv boasts of having destroyed 300 Iranian-made drones


Ukraine needs $38 billion a year for post-war reconstruction

According to Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko, the budget necessary for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war will require 38 billion dollars per year. According to him, the Ukrainian government will be able to take the necessary funds from the state budget, but it must also look for other resources.


New inspections on Nord Stream gas pipelines

Swedish justice will carry out a new inspection near the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines. “I have decided to carry out with the security service a number of additional inspections” at the site of the leaks, said prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist . The Swedish Armed Forces will assist in the investigation as requested. The Swedish Navy, for its part, announced on Wednesday that it had initiated a new inspection near the affected gas pipelines. “We felt the need to complete the investigation we conducted previously,” said the Navy’s communications chief. Nord Stream also sent a civilian ship under the Russian flag to carry out a new inspection.


Demonstration of Iranians in kyiv

A few dozen Iranians gathered in kyiv today to show solidarity with the Ukrainians and against the Russians’ use of Iranian-made drones to strike Ukraine. In Maidan Square, they displayed Ukrainian and Iranian flags, and placards with the slogan “Iranian people in solidarity with Ukraine”.


Contained inflation in Russia

The increase in prices should reach the impressive level of 12 to 13% at the end of the year, warns the Russian Central Bank, which has nevertheless noted a “slowdown in inflation” for several months. “Growing geopolitical tensions” are still affecting household consumption, which is more inclined to “save”, says the BCR. It also forecasts a contraction of “3% to 3.5%” in gross domestic product in 2022.


Ukraine destroyed 300 Iranian drones

A key weapon in the Russian arsenal, Iranian-designed drones have particularly targeted energy infrastructure in recent weeks. The Ukrainians have logically developed their means of response and 300 of these drones were destroyed in total, assured this Friday a spokesperson for the air force.


China says Putin ready to hold talks with Ukraine and US

According to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Wenbin’s spokesman, Russia in a phone call between the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers affirmed that it was willing to hold talks with Ukraine and the United States. United and resume negotiations.


New aid from the United States

The United States will provide new aid to Ukraine “very, very soon”, according to John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council. This aid of 276 million euros will be used to replenish the ammunition of the weapon systems already on site, in particular for the Himars.


War shattered former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s dream of a ‘common European home’, says German president

According to Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused an “epochal rupture” in German relations with Moscow. According to him, this war shattered former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s dream of a “common European home”.


Missile fire on Mykolaiv

“The Russians hit the city of Mykolaiv with the S-300 surface-to-air missile system. A 3-storey administrative building was destroyed and a neighboring newly constructed high-rise building was damaged,” local authorities explained. A civilian was slightly injured.


Lithuania has just sent materials to repair electrical installations

Lithuania has sent equipment to Ukraine to repair damaged electricity substations and gas pipelines.


Pro-Putin Chechen leader admits losses in Kherson

Ramzan Kadyrov, the pro-Putin Chechen leader admitted in a video on Telegram that his troops were targeted by Ukrainian artillery in the Kherson region. Twenty-three of his fighters were killed. Kadyrov’s soldiers were spotted after posting a video on TikTok!


4,500 Russian missiles fired since start of war, says Zelensky

Vladimir Putin’s army carried out 8,000 airstrikes and fired 4,500 missiles targeting Ukrainian territory, the president of the attacked country claims on Telegram.


Ukrainian progress continues “slowly”

The military historian Cédric Mas draws up on Twitter a situation update on the front, indicating in particular that the Ukrainian forces are still progressing in the northeast of the country.


Change of Russian strategy?

“Over the past six weeks, the Russian ground forces have clearly decided to move to a long-term defensive posture in most frontline areas in Ukraine”, analyzes the British Ministry of Defense in its update. daily.


Zelensky motivates his people

“Resistance becomes pride. The fight becomes the victory. And Ukraine becomes united! “, writes the Ukrainian president in his traditional message published daily on social networks.


End of the evacuation of civilians from the occupied Kherson region

“The work organizing the departure of the inhabitants of the right bank of the (river) Dnipro towards safe regions in Russia is completed”, declares Sergei Aksionov, the leader of the Crimea, neighboring peninsula of Kherson annexed in 2014 by Moscow.


The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on LCI

Anne-Claire Legendre, reaffirms that “Russia is endangering civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, and not the other way around”. “Today, Russia is this major destabilizing factor on the international scene,” she insists.


“The screams were terrible”

France Info collected the testimony of residents of Velika Oleksandrivka, near Kherson and the front line, still haunted by the cries of those the occupier tortured in a house in the village.


Breton support

The Solidarité bigoudène association sent a seventh truck loaded with medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals, reports Le Télégramme.


A French VAB on the ground in Ukraine

Several Twitter accounts are posting the same photos of a French VAB (Forward Armored Vehicle) delivered to the Ukrainian army and present on the ground in the Kherson oblast.


Russia faces ‘great wrath’ if it ends Ukraine grain deal, Blinken warns

“We will do everything in our power to maintain the agreement,” assures the American Secretary of State during this same trip to Ottawa. This so-called Black Sea agreement, signed on July 22 under the aegis of the UN, set up procedures for 120 days to allow the export of Ukrainian cereals blocked by the war.


Antony Blinken calls Russia’s use of Iranian drones ‘appalling’

The use of these drones to “kill Ukrainian civilians and destroy the infrastructure on which they depend” is “appalling”, declared US Secretary of State during a visit to Ottawa. The United States, Canada and their allies will work together to “expose, deter and prevent Iran from supplying these weapons”, he added.


UN ‘unaware’ of biological weapons program in Ukraine

“We are aware of Russia’s official complaint regarding accusations of a biological weapons program in Ukraine. […] As High Representative Izumi Nakamitsu informed the Council in March and May, the UN is not aware of such a biological weapons programme. This is still the case today,” said Adedeji Ebo (photo), deputy high representative in charge of disarmament issues.

AFP/Michael M. Santiago


The United States denounces to the UN a “pure invention” on the part of Russia

Russia’s accusations of Washington’s involvement in the alleged development of biological weapons in Ukraine are “a pure fabrication”, the American ambassador to the UN told the Security Council on Thursday. She also rejected Russian accusations against Ukraine on the same subject.


‘Independent verification’ of ‘dirty bomb’ rumors

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit two Ukrainian sites “this week” at the request of kyiv, according to a statement, as Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses Ukraine of erasing evidence of preparations for a “dirty bomb”.

“The inspectors will carry out an independent verification (…) to detect any diversion of nuclear material”, explained Thursday the director general of the UN body, Rafael Grossi.


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