Did you know that cats consider their owners like parents? Here are the explanations

Cats have strong affection for their owners, but they express it in a different way than other pets. Cats are affectionate, noble and dependent on their family members. These animals, like dogs, have the particularity of being very protective and attached to their favorite people. According to scientists at Oregon State University, cats love people with their whole being, going so far as to look at them as if they were their father or their mother.

Cats consider their owners as their parents.

A study published in Current Biology revealed how domestic felines act after spending two minutes with their owner. After the study, each kitten was assigned to a group based on the attachment it had shown. These styles are known as secure, ambivalent, avoidant, and disorganized.

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The majority of domestic felines (64%) exhibited a secure attachment style with their owner, meaning the kitten looked sad when away from its favorite person. It is worth mentioning that to the surprise of many people, the attachment rate of dogs is much lower than that of kittens, namely 42%.

However, the behavior of cats is much more confusing than that of dogs because they do not always seek affection directly. Felines often show their affection by purring, pressing their bodies against yours, and even choosing to sleep near you. Another very curious way to show his affection is that the cat brings you animals or insects that he hunts.

The human-cat relationship is much more complex than one might think a priori, since they are extraordinary animals that are unfairly cataloged as unattached or affectionate, despite this bad reputation, they can also socialize deeply with their owners. to generate attachments, affection, and social behaviors seen in dogs, such as appreciating petting.

Finally, the researchers said that kittens are more attached and affectionate towards their owners, even if their behavior does not reflect this. In conclusion, domestic felines consider their owners or the people who take care of them as relatives.

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