Did you know ? It is possible to visit Lyon… in the United States

Somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic, one can find a city of Lyon where there is neither Fourvière, nor Bellecour, nor varied gastronomy. Welcome to Mississippi. (©Google Street View)

The city of Lyon is not unique in the world. No offense to the people of Lyon, this gentilé is attributed to the inhabitants of two municipalities on the surface of the globe.

Countless streets, roads and avenues bear the name of Lyons in the United States. Some with the aim of thanking France for its help during the war of independence, others in homage to the native land of certain immigrant inhabitants.

In Mississippi, a city is even named in reference to the capital of Gaul.

Welcome to Lyon, Mississippi

Less than 300 inhabitants share with the Lyonnais the same city name, across the Atlantic. When we talk about Lyon, we can both talk about the third French city and… a tiny hamlet lost in the county of Cahoma, northwest of Mississippi, in the United States of America.

Founded in 1897, Lyon does not share the same history as the capital of Gaul whose existence has been attested for more than 20 centuries.

A very American sign welcomes you to this town without history: “Welcome to Lyon”, is it written, 7,737.45 km from Place Bellecour, the zero kilometer of Lyon.

In return, a district of the 8th arrondissement of Lyon has been baptized United States since the United States entered the war among the allies in 1917. If you can visit Lyon in the United States, you can also visit the United States In Lyon.

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