Destination the United States: Chicago always takes us higher

Lulled by the breezes coming from Lake Michigan, Chicago is the architectural pearl the United States. Illinois’ largest city is home to the first skyscrapers, but also a city where it is good to stroll, far from the New York frenzy.

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There is something magical when, in the early morning, the Chicago sky lights up and the vertiginous tops of the buildings bricks, stones and glass catch the light of the dawning sun.


A feast for the eyes, such is the magic of Chicago, nicknamed “Windy City” (the windy city) with this breeze brought by the lake michigan which refreshes and languishes the atmosphere of this world-city.

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Since “The Great Fire”, the gigantic fire of 1871 which ravaged two-thirds of the city, Chicago has become the laboratory of architectural innovation. It is also here that the first skyscrapers were born at the end of the 19th century. In the Loop, the most important business district in the United States after Midtown Manhattan in New York, surrounded by the famous skytrain line, the gaze knows where to stop before the stunning beauty of the panorama.


The Wrigley Building, the Carbide & Carbon Building, the Trump Tower or the glass roof of the Rookery Building are just a few of these architectural marvels.


On foot, by bike, by boat

However, Chicago cannot be reduced to this luxurious and busy center. The city’s tourist office, Choose Chicago, offers multiple getaways to discover, under its multiple aspects, this city with 175 districts, 70 communities and 2.7 million inhabitants.

A bike ride with Bobby’s Bike Hike ( lets you stroll through Old Town and its wood-clad houses, savor the calm of a farmer’s market near Lincoln Park, before zipping onto one of 33 beaches that border Lake Michigan and overlook Chicago a little air of a seaside town.

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To discover Chicago is also to take part in the concert fervor which punctuate summer evenings in Millenium Park.

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It is to discover the ancient, impressionist and modern marvels housed in the Art Institute. It is to stroll in the green setting of Oak Park and its beautiful residences designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s finally overcoming your vertigo on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, in the glass cabins of the Skydeck suspended 412 meters high. Always higher, always more beautiful in Chicago.

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We liked it. Chicago is an airy city where greenery is very present. And Lake Michigan gives it an air of a seaside resort.

We liked it less. The American system for regulating the temperature of showers in hotels. Disconcerting.

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