Despite a year of separation, this dog and this young cat love each other like the first day! (video)

Winnie has never forgotten the face of little Bobbie, a kitten cared for by her mistress April before being adopted. It was then obvious that their reunion, a year later, would overflow with emotion.

April Butler and his australian mountain dogThe beautiful Winnielive in the New South Walesin Australia. The young woman welcomed a stray kitten named Bobbieand the understanding between the 2 quadrupeds was immediate, reported La Stampa.

Inseparable hairballs

Winnie and Bobbie developed a very strong bond and became best friends. Winnie was so sweet and loving and, for a dog who is afraid of many things, Bobbie was a source of happiness and comfort “.

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So it was heartbreaking for the female dog to see Bobbie leave, 4 months after his arrival. ” She was looking for her everywhere in the house, and she was waiting for her by the door or the laundry room » reminisces april.

The australian mountain dog had finally accepted that her best friend would probably never come home again. But what she didn’t know was that she was going to make her comeback a year later…

Like the good old times !

april remained in close contact with the new owners of Bobbie, who asked him to keep the feline during their vacation. She didn’t hesitate for a second: she was dying to allow Winnie and Bobbie to find yourself !

The young woman was confident: she knew that despite the separation, the reunion would go smoothly. And she was right: the 2 furballs quickly recognized each other, and immediately played together, like in the good old days!

A video posted on instagram illustrating their meeting was liked by nearly 500,000 Internet users. We discover there Winnie and Bobbie staring at himself through a window, before sniffing and fidgeting in the living room.

One thing is certain: Winnie impatient to see the masters of Bobbie go back on vacation, to find his favorite feline!

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