Desperate Paris Hilton lost her chihuahua


But where are you?Desperate Paris Hilton lost her chihuahua

The businesswoman asked for help on Instagram to find her four-legged friend.

Paris Hilton with her dog Diamond Baby.

Instagram screenshot

Paris Hilton’s little dog, Diamond Baby, has been missing since last Wednesday. Paris Hilton promised this Tuesday, September 20 on Instagram an important reward to whoever finds his chihuahua. In the middle of the move, she thinks someone may have left the door open.

“My family and friends helped me search all over my neighborhood, they even went door to door, but we still haven’t found him. We have hired a pet detective, dog behaviorist, pet psychic and are now looking to get dog drones. I’m doing everything in my power to get it back.”

Paris Hilton added that she was hesitant to make this information public, because she was afraid that the situation would turn against her. But now the businesswoman is ready to accept any kind of help. “Anyone who has ever loved and lost an animal will understand the pain I feel. My heart is broken,” she said.

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