Death of Elizabeth II: she publishes a video celebrating the death of the queen, her restaurant vandalized and banned by the national federation of fish and chips

The video of this Scottish woman was not to the taste of the residents of her village.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, September 8, opinions have been divided as to the tributes to be paid to the one who reigned over the United Kingdom for almost a century. In France, several mayors have refused to lower the flags of their municipality. Across the Channel, we even come to celebrate the passing of Elizabeth II. Not without consequences.

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Indeed, the owner of a fish and chips in Muir of Ord, in the Scottish Highlands, saw the window of her sign ransacked after broadcasting a video in which she rejoiced at the death of the queen. In these images, published Thursday evening and since deleted but which continue to circulate on social networks, we can see the owner Jacki Pickett in front of her restaurant, a bottle of champagne in hand and visibly in a very good mood. She is holding a sign where it is written: “Lizard Liz is dead. London Bridge has fallen”. This last sentence alludes to the London Bridge operation for the Queen’s funeral plan.

Jaki’s fish and chip shop Muir of Ord. What a fucking embarrassment. A hope your business fails after that you fat cow.

I know I said to ignore this kind of things but that can’t be ignored, a business btw ud83dude33

— Louise ud83dudda4 (@Louu_5594) September 8, 2022

Revoked by the National Fish and Chips Federation

But this intervention was not to the liking of residents of Muir of Ord. In an image circulating on Twitter, we can see that the facade of the Jaki Fish and Chip Shop has been damaged. Near Newsweek, the Scottish police confirmed having reported acts of vandalism on the night of Friday to Saturday September 10. On the same Friday evening, the owner of the restaurant had to be escorted by the police out of her sign.

In life, we are surrounded by stupid people, Jaki Pickett, who runs Jaki’s Fish and Chip Shop in #MuirofOrd is one such individual. However, I think her Majesty, the Queen would be appalled by this vandalism, and want it to stop immediately.

— George Laird (@GeoLaird4Pollok) September 10, 2022

The case even reached the ears of the very serious National Federation of Fish and Chips which immediately announced on Thursday evening the revocation of the owner’s membership.

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