Death: lawyer Etienne Nicolau, tenor of the Perpignan bar, is dead

Me Etienne Nicolau, famous criminal lawyer of the Perpignan bar, died on the night of Sunday to Monday, May 16, indicate his relatives.

A well-known lawyer from the Pyrenees-Orientales, Me Stephen Nicolau died on the night of Sunday to Monday, May 16, his relatives have just announced.

Sad news: in Perpignan, the disappearance of Me Etienne Nicolau, monument of the judicial history of Occitania, civil party against Van Geloven, Patrick Tissier or Jacques Rançon. He hung up his dress in 2018 due to illness. Here at the trial of Jean Bastouill

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As reported by The Independent, the famous lawyer has worked in nearly 400 trials during his career, some of which have national repercussions. He had in his career notably pleaded during the Van Geloven – Patrick Tissier affair or even that of the “disappeared from the station” of Perpignan where Jacques Rançon was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2021.

A serious health problem

Etienne Nicolau had ended his 48-year career in 2018 not by choice but by “obligation” he confided then, due to “a serious health problem”, recall our colleagues.

However, he had never really picked up since he continued “to make his voice heard and to transmit his experience” through various writings and in universities. In February 2021, he had signed his third book devoted to miscarriages of justice.

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