Dark kitchen in Toulouse: the round of delivery men upsets

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In the center of Toulouse, the nuisance caused by the concentration of deliveries around “ghost kitchens” is a subject of debate.

These restaurants do not have a storefront, nor windows, nor tables, but just kitchens directly connected with home delivery platforms. Here, the customer is the delivery man stamped Uber or Deliveroo, who comes to withdraw at the counter the dishes ordered on applications throughout the city. Suffice to say that during the day, as in the evening, the ballet of bicycles, scooters, scooters or other cars is incessant. The phenomenon of the Dark kitchen has landed in force in recent years in Toulouse as in all major cities. And their overactivity does not only make people happy in their immediate proximity. Rue Gabriel Péri, an axis already very lively at night, the residents of buildings near the Kiosk, one of these “ghost kitchens” of Asian specialties, installed rue de l’Industrie, are fed up. “The delivery men on standby, who are sometimes around thirty, squat the sidewalks, shout at each other, do mechanics to end up starting with a bang,” says a neighbor. It’s incessant noise, including on Sundays and public holidays”. A petition has been sent to the prefecture and the town hall for the public authorities to take stock of the problem.

A charter of good conduct

“I understand that they work, but in an already very noisy sector, it is unbearable. The neighborhood mayor explained to us that this concentration of delivery people had already been moved from the top of rue Gabriel Péri, but why not imagine a transfer to the Ramblas of the Jean-Jaurès alleys where there is more space, ”suggests a petitioner. Certainly, but it would be difficult to also move the famous Dark kitchen of the Kiosque which supplies a whole chain of restaurants to the Grand Rond or place Saint-Pierre. The manager of this veritable hive which is bustling around the stoves does not seek to deny the difficulties. “We are aware of the situation, she explains, and we have already done a lot to remind delivery people to be discreet by adopting good conduct. They are thus invited to turn off their engines and come on foot to the counter to collect the orders”. Apparently insufficient preventive measures for the neighborhood. “However, we close at 10.15 p.m. every evening, even if it can be a bit more for late orders, pleads the manager. And frankly, we do everything we can to mitigate the nuisance. It is difficult to do better, especially since we are in an environment of bars and nightclubs which also raise the decibels”. Understood, it’s a bit unavoidable when you live in the city center. There remains the solution of storing the Black kitchens on the outskirts in the industrial zones. “Uber has indeed decreed white zones in certain cities”, slips a local resident. But there, it is the delivery people who may no longer agree…

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