Critical situation for the Opale refuge in Lessines: “No longer a single dog enclosure is available”

During the period of confinement, multiple homes adopted pets, sometimes to break the loneliness. A good deed that seems to have repercussions today.

With a return to normal life, many have understood that caring for an animal was not easy and have also realized that they were not ready to adapt their daily lives to welcome a newcomer. As a result, the shelters are relatively crowded…

This is particularly the case of the Opale refuge in Lessines. The non-profit association recently launched an appeal for help to the population. “We are complete in almost all species combined. The wave of abandonments and seizures of recent times is maddening“, indicates the association on its Facebook page.

“Volunteers are overwhelmed and no longer know where to turn”

“We have to refuse dozens of requests a day and yet we are filled to 120% of our capacity. Not a single dog enclosure is available, not a single quarantine cage for cats is available, that’s the same situation in rodents and farm animals. Accounts are down, stocks are empty, volunteers are overwhelmed and do not know where to turn”, continues the shelter.

As a result, the shelter is currently looking for various products. If you have plenty of them in your cupboards, don’t hesitate to think of animals: kibble for cats and kittens, litter for cats or heating pellets, pellets for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, grains for hens, goats, sheep, pigs, rest and senior horses, hemp bedding, hay shavings, hay, fruits and vegetables, pellets for aquatic turtles, frozen fish, cleaning products: all-purpose cleaners, bleach, dettol, detergent, fabric softener.

It is also possible to sponsor and support a favorite animal from €15 per month to help the shelter take care of it.

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