Court of Perpignan – Lawyer attacked in the street: “I threw hydrochloric acid at him, I admit it”

A 34-year-old man was presented this Wednesday, July 6, 2022 for an immediate appearance before the Perpignan Criminal Court for “death threats” and “violence with a weapon”, in recidivism, committed this July 4 in the center of Perpignan. In this case for attacking a lawyer from Perpignan and throwing a caustic product in his face. The trial was postponed at the request of the civil party, the time to carry out analyzes of the substance projected on the victim. However, the defendant made a confession during this first hearing.

Arrived with an eye patch, Me Ramounet Valls, lawyer at the bar of Pyrénées-Orientales did not rise to plead the cause of a client this Wednesday morning before the criminal court, but sat on the bench of the civil parties. Victim himself two days earlier of an attack in the center of Perpignan by a man who allegedly threatened him with death and threw an as yet unidentified caustic product in his face, before being arrested.

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The alleged perpetrator? A 34-year-old homeless man, more than 2 meters tall, with wrinkled features, disheveled hair and a sagging chin, who casts a gloomy look on the courtroom and, as soon as he enters, tenses the vibe. “Recognized as 93% disabled, pupil of the Republic, beneficiary of the disabled allowance since the age of 17″, he blurts out in one go. He was also the subject of a time of reinforced curatorship until his referent threw in the towel. “When I first went to jail, my dog ​​was killed. I told him it was better if they had good life insurance,” justifies the person concerned. Who, suffering from bipolarity, schizophrenia and split personality, has spent 12 years in a psychiatric hospital and is currently being monitored, but does not take his treatment when he is on the street. “Too risky for me”, he said. In fact, he alternates with stays in a penal center with eight convictions in his record, mainly for violence, violence with a weapon and death threats.

“I will make my law. An eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth”

His last release barely dates back to May 10. However, this Monday, he would have attacked Me Ramounet Valls with a corrosive liquid. If the physical sequelae are not irreversible, the lawyer nevertheless suffers from corneal microburns. And is all the more affected that he does not know what this substance was used against him.“The investigation was carried out fairly quickly and we still have no certainty about the nature of the product that was thrown away, nor the consequences for the victim, medically and psychologically”, explains on his behalf, Mr.e Sylvie Muffat-Joly, demanding a dismissal of the trial, the time to carry out additional investigations. “ Water or acid, the intention is not the same. We have the victim’s shirt under seal that can be analyzed.”

Motions granted. The trial is postponed to August 9. Until then, the defendant is kept in detention, an expertise of the clothing is ordered, as well as a psychiatric examination of the person concerned, as requested by the prosecution. “to try to find out a little more”.

But the man, defended by Me Youssouf Sow, does not intend to leave in silence. He raises his hand, deploys his immense silhouette and shoots. “Under no circumstances would I have started attacking him for free. I defended myself. I am not a coward, I threw hydrochloric acid at him, I admit it”he swings suddenly, planting his eyes in those of Ramounet Valls, who advances towards him, held back by the security service. “There, you saw there how he looked at me? You heard, he threatened me. You do not want to act. I will make my law. I have nothing to lose. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth . Talion’s law”. The stage is set for the next meeting.

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