Coronary case: an appeal in cassation by Jean-François Bordat “probable”, according to his lawyer

Jean-François Bordat received this Wednesday, November 9 from a heavier sentence on appeal than at first instance (in 2020). Three years in prison, including eighteen months firm (adjustable), against three years, two of which are suspended. “While today’s judgment, in criminal matters, slightly increases the criminal penalty, it should be noted that in terms of civil interests the decision increases the claim for damages from €2,600,000 to €140,000 (141,512 euros precisely)”, says his lawyer Maître Bruno Césaréo, with our newspaper.

Jean-François Bordat, 74, could even challenge the judgment on appeal by requesting an appeal in cassation (last possible resort in a legal case).

Five clear days to do so

“It is likely that an appeal in cassation will be filed, within five clear days, because Mr. Bordat has always pleaded for his release and maintained that he had not committed the acts referred to in the prevention, adds his lawyer. In addition, an important legal debate is posed as to the notion of embezzlement of public funds.

Coronary case: Jean-François Bordat returned to the Orleans court for corruption and embezzlement

At the hearing last September, Jean-François Bordat said he “always wanted to pull the association up”. His board then trying to demonstrate that there was no corruption because the link of “causality” between the commercial gestures practiced during the governance of Jean-François Bordat (2002-2012) and the obtaining of markets was not “demonstrated”.

He was also released by the Court of Appeal, this Wednesday, November 9, for the acts of active corruption, but his conviction for embezzlement of public funds and breach of trust was confirmed.



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