controversy over the release of liquid from a McDonald’s in Marseille

An employee of a McDonald’s in Marseille was filmed pouring liquid from a can directly onto the street. The municipality reacted strongly.

The video, showing an employee of a McDonald’s restaurant on the Old Port in Marseille spilling liquid in the street, has caused a lot of reaction for several days. It was published Thursday by the Marseille association Clean my Calanques denouncing the rejection of “old frying oil in the pipes”.

Since then, the restaurant has explained itself by saying that it was “drink residue left by customers”, according to comments reported by Clean my Calanques, which then preferred to withdraw its video from social networks to avoid spreading a “fake news” according to the terms used.

The deputy mayor of Marseille in charge of trade, Rebecca Bernardi, had quickly relayed the publication, expressing her surprise that the brand was throwing “frying oil in the street […] a stone’s throw from the harbour”.

“We are not going to stop there,” added the elected municipal official on her Twitter account on Thursday.

Hygiene check carried out

Faced with the details provided by the restaurant’s management, Rebecca Bernardi once again expressed herself on her social networks: “Frying oil or beverage residue, nothing should be thrown into the street. big traders and when you are a multinational, you have to be even more exemplary.”

She adds that the file was sent to another deputy mayor, Christine Juste, in charge of the environment and the fight against pollution. “It doesn’t matter what the liquid is, it’s forbidden. A drain is not a trash can and thankfully the fish don’t want soda or cigarette butts,” she laments.

A hygiene check was carried out on Friday by the services of the city of Marseille and “did not show any infraction”, according to Rebecca Bernardi on Twitter. It was recalled the obligations that employees must respect with in particular “the absolute prohibition to use the drains”.

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