Consumption: will the NutriScore disappear from European food packaging in 2023?

In the coming months, the European Commission must choose a nutritional indicator which will become mandatory on all packaging of processed products sold in member countries. And the NutriScore doesn’t seem to hold the line.

What will we see on our food packaging in 2023 and in the years to come? This is the question that the European Commission must soon decide.

For now, as Capital reminds us, the NutriScore has established itself as the reference indicator for consumers in seven European countries, including France. If it is optional, it has been adopted by many brands.

This assigns a grade from A to E, associated with a color code, depending on the nutritional value of the products.

Too “simplistic and severe”?

Will it become mandatory everywhere soon? Probably not, if we are to believe UFC-Que-choisir, which devoted an article to the subject on Monday, October 31.

The consumer association relies on statements by the Deputy Director of Food Sustainability at the European Commission, Claire Bury. During a debate organized by Politico at the end of September, she asserted that the NutriScore will not be the chosen nutritional indicator in Europe.

An alternative soon presented?

According to UFC-Que-choisir, this choice results from a intensive lobbying “of part of the agricultural and agri-food industry and of certain countries, Italy in the lead, which accuse it in particular of being simplistic and too severe with regard to certain products (in particular cheese and delicatessen)”.

In order to “avoid the polarization of the debate”, the European Commission could therefore choose another system. This should however “draw extensive inspiration” from NutriScore according to the consumer association. The details of this alternative should be known soon.

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