Chocolatine or pain au chocolat? Here is finally the truth!

News hardware Chocolatine or pain au chocolat? Here is finally the truth!

The war between the term “chocolatine” and the term “pain au chocolat” continues to rage in France. In an attempt to definitively answer this question which is tearing France apart, a linguist has tried to draw up the ultimate map.

Are you a fervent defender of the chocolatine? For you, there is only one pastry and it is pain au chocolat? This eternal debate exists because no one can agree on the subject! And that’s without counting on other local derivatives: the “small bread”, the “chocolate couque” or the “chocolate croissant” are also resisting.

As everyone eternally camps on their positions, it turns out to be very complicated to know who is right. Is there even one real answer in all of this? The linguist Mathieu Avanzi tried to find it.

Pain au chocolat vs Chocolatine, the ultimate French menu

Mathieu Avanzi is a linguist and specialist in regional French at the Catholic University of Louvain. He recently published theFrench Atlas of our Regionsin which he dissects the way in which the French language is used in the four corners of the country. Helped by a team of linguists, he isolated the different ways in which the viennoiserie is named in the different French regions, with a view to obtaining the ultimate map, to make everyone agree.

No offense to the followers of the “chocolatine”, it is indeed the term “pain au chocolat” which comes up in the greatest number of French departments. It can be seen that the “chocolatine” is restricted to a zone in the south-west, which is admittedly rather large, but quite insufficient to fight against the “pain au chocolat” which extends even to Corsica.

The east and the north are the main places where somewhat more discreet designations resistbut still very present, like the “chocolate roll”, moreover very close to the dominant “chocolate roll”.

Chocolatine at the heart of a communication operation

If the term “chocolatine” is well known to the inhabitants of the southwest, it has long been ignored almost everywhere else. It’s been ten years since the war between this name and “pain au chocolat” was launched, mainly on social networks.. The media seized on the phenomenon, which largely participated in amplifying it.

For linguists, the “chocolatine” therefore benefits from a communication operation which has been orchestrated for several years, and which has benefited its popularization. However, this was not enough to make this name concretely adopted by the greatest world: the “pain au chocolat” is still unbeatable today. From there to think that this card will make everyone agree, there is a step that we will not risk to cross!

So what is it ?

Chocolatine or pain au chocolat?  Here is finally the truth!

However, now that you know the habits and customs of the French regions, nothing prevents you from adapting during your travels, to pay tribute to this delicious chocolate viennoiserie!

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