“China-United States, the new cold war”, the story of a geopolitical ping-pong

At the end of the ninety minutes that this exciting course in international relations lasts, there remains the image of a fierce ping-pong match whose final blow we fear. In 1971, on the occasion of a sporting event in Japan, table tennis had given its name (“ping-pong diplomacy”) to the thaw of diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing, broken twenty-two years earlier. The invitation by China of a delegation of American athletes marked the beginning of a dialogue in which each of the two countries had to find its account: coming out of isolation for Communist China and countering Russian influence in Asia for the UNITED STATES.

“We will never renounce the use of force”

In October 1971, China regained its seat in the UN and its place in the Security Council of the international organization to the detriment of Taiwan, the only representative of the Chinese people in the United Nations until then. Fifty years later, Taiwan occupies a central place in the heart of the cold war between the two superpowers. “Nobody should think that China will bear to see Taiwan independence because Taiwan is Chinese. Both sides of the strait are Chinese”, asserts Victor Gao, spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party, one of the many speakers in the film. On October 16, at the 20th Congress of the CCP, President Xi Jinping drove the point home on this subject: “We will never renounce the use of force. »

The sequel after the ad

If China, which is gradually annexing the islands of the China Sea, were to remove this last essential lock in American strategy in the Indo-Pacific, it would have the means to keep the Americans at a distance from the continent on which it has been applied for years. decades of establishing commercial, military and technological dominance. ” Pearl necklace “ maritime, “New Silk Roads” continental wars, military manoeuvres, nuclear arsenal or search for alliances with India and Russia… This well-documented documentary takes a full look at the Sino-American face-to-face and the global geostrategic issues that are being played out in the region today. Peaceful.

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Sunday October 30 at 8:55 p.m. on France 5. Documentary by Yannick Adam de Villiers (2022). 1h30. (Available in replay on france.tv).

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