China, Russia, USA, EU: power rivalries

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The War in Ukraine has almost obscured the cold war between Americans and Chinese and the American determination to contain China. The Pandemic first, the Russian invasion then and perhaps above all, reshuffle the maps of world geopolitics, interrupting to begin with an entire section of Russia’s integration into the world system. New recompositions appear. The change of era brought about by the invasion of Ukraine has obviously reinforced the power and influence of the United States in the world, making us forget the hasty departure from Afghanistan.

Can we speak of a complete reversal. Is the United States the big winners of the new economic and strategic situation? What options for Europeans? Is the US security guarantee the only one open to them? Will Europe be the big loser in the ongoing restructuring? ?


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Edition recorded in Toulon as part of the Mediterranean Strategic Meetings. Joint initiative of the FMES and the FRS.


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