Chilly-Mazarin: electric cohabitation between food distribution and fast food managers

The altercation was captured on video by members of the Intermèdes Robinson association in Chilly-Mazarin (Essonne), on Tuesday, October 25. We see these volunteers carrying bags of food aid to beneficiaries, who are waiting at the entrance to a passage overlooking the street. Then several men, visibly upset, try to disrupt the distribution. They are the managers of the neighboring fast food, obviously embarrassed by these comings and goings just in front of their business.

“They tried to overturn the tables and prevent distribution,” comments Laurent Ott, director of the Intermèdes Robinson social center. They told us get out, you have nothing to do here. There were insults, one of our employees was pressed against the wall. He says he filed a complaint at the police station.

“I lose 60% of my turnover”

On the video, we perceive intimidation and invective on the part of the managers of the fast food restaurant, even if one of them, whom we contacted by telephone, evokes “a normal conversation”. On the other hand, he confirms that the queue generated by this food aid disrupts his business. “It encroaches on our business. It lasts for more than an hour non-stop. I have customers who don’t come back because of this. I lose 60% of my turnover. And we are not the only ones to complain, ”he believes. He would like the association to carry out its distribution in the street behind the fast-food restaurant, the association also having an entrance annexed to its premises.

But “impossible, answers Laurent Ott, because it is a private driveway. According to him, moreover, the nuisances are minimal, because the distribution takes place only on Tuesdays, from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Despite this neighborhood conflict, he does not intend to stop. “We are helping a hundred people, and we will continue, we are funded for that. This is our mission as a social center. »

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